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Concept Health is breaking new ground in the management of chronic conditions.

Founded in 2017, Concept Health is developing a new generation of digital drugs and therapies that will change the way physicians treat illnesses in the future. We are driven by a desire to turn futuristic healthcare concepts into a reality today.

Concept Health is combining virtual reality technologies with machine learning to deliver pioneering digital precision medicine solutions. Our treatment programme, tailored to the individual needs of each patient, is rolled out in the privacy of patients’ own homes, can be accessed twenty-four hours a day and is remotely supervised by healthcare professionals. We offer a digital drug that is as effective as traditional drugs, but that does not expose patients to the risks of allergic reactions or serious side effects!
Our team offers patients the best in virtual reality and machine learning from around the world.

Meet our Leadership Team

Dr Farhan Amin
Founder & CMO

A general practitioner and the founder of Concept Health, Farhan is a firm believer in the power of technology to reshape the way healthcare is delivered. He was awarded an HSJ Top 50 Innovators award in 2014 and is a Fellow in Clinical Entrepreneurship at NHS England.

Loy Lobo
Cofounder, Strategy & Business

Loy is the President Elect of the Royal Society of Medicine where he serves on the Telemedicine and eHealth Council. Loy has extensive experience in mentoring start-ups to success. Over the past ten years he has taken several healthcare innovations from concept to market.

Chairman Board
Susan Liow
Interim CFO

Liow is a trained Chartered Accountant with experience of leading the finance function in a range of industries including banking, fund management, property development, data centres, telecoms and print management.

Ahsan Naqvi

Ahsan is a Machine Learning, Python and Ruby expert who has more than ten years’ experience in the development of intelligent and data intensive systems. Ahsan is responsible for developing the Artificial Intelligence backbone of Concept Health.

Dr Temel Yesser
Lead Motion Graphics

Temel, who holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, has extensive expertise in the field of motion graphics design. He combines his engineering and signal processing knowhow to create immersive medical content.

Sonja Burger
Lead Script Writer

Sonja is a seasoned writer of educational and wellness content. She uses her creativity and the pedagogic insights she gained as the author of 27 print and digital textbooks to create scripts and virtual reality worlds that engage and educate patients.

Mike Von Rotz
Lead Graphic Designer

Mike enjoys creating immersive worlds in which people are temporarily disconnected from their everyday lives and immersed in new experiences. At his core he is an experienced 3D model and texture artist who has a broad understanding of form and colour.

Lisa Drake
Activation Lead

Lisa is an NHS Manager and a digital advisor who has extensive expertise in project management and the implementation of digital solutions. She currently advises Healthier Lancashire and South Cumbria ICS.

Dr Keith Grimes
Clinical Safety

Keith is the Clinical Innovation Director of a leading AI Health Company, Babylon Health, and the founder of VR Doctors. Keith is a strong advocate for the safe use of immersive technology to improve healthcare.

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