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Concept Health ™

Concept Health Technologies (CHT) provides an intelligent and personalised community healthcare services platform that is reshaping the way services are being delivered. The technology delivers personalised healthcare services accessible by users 24 hours a day from home.

Dr. Farhan Amin

Founder, CEO

Farhan is the founder of Concept Health, a firm believer in the power of technology to reshape the way healthcare is delivered.

Loy Lobo

Strategy & Business Lead

Loy leads strategy and business, he has extensive experience in scaling up start-ups to success.

Susan Liow

Interim CFO

Susan is a trained Chartered Accountant with experience of leading the finance function in a range of industries.

Ahsan Naqvi

Chief Technologist

Ahsan is a expert software developer with specialization in development of intelligent and data intensive systems.

Dr. Temel Yesser

Lead Motion Graphics

Temel, holds a PhD in Mechanical Engineering, and has extensive expertise in the field of motion graphics design.

Dr. Keith Grimes

Clinical Safety

Keith has extensive experience in safe use of immersive technology to improve healthcare.

Sonja Burger

Lead Script Writer

Sonja is a seasoned writer and creator of educational scripts and virtual reality worlds that engage and educate patients.

Mike Von Rotz

Lead Graphics Designer

Mike enjoys creating immersive worlds he is an experienced 3D artist with broad understanding of form and colour.

Our Mission
Effective Digital Therapeutics

Founded in 2017, Concept Health is developing a new generation of digital drugs and therapies that will change the way physicians treat illnesses in the future. We are driven by a desire to turn futuristic healthcare concepts into a reality today.